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About Us

 Welcome to Pretty Lit, your new go-to source for your Cannabis lifestyle essentials and accessories.

Pretty Lit is a progressive e-boutique in Canada, hinging on all things pretty and cannabis related. Feminine designs and positive vibes are our central focus at Pretty Lit, where we aim to elevated your cannabis ritual.

Founded by Eleni Papadopoulos from Ottawa, Canada, this Pretty Lit space was created with the modern female toker in mind. From handcrafted ceramic stonerware to pretty pre-roll cones, our wide range of quality products were thoughtfully curated to add a feminine touch to your elevated lifestyle.

My Pretty Lit Journey:

Being a mother of two toddlers, and the daughter of a loving old fashioned Greek father, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy - especially for a few of my loved ones to finally accept, understand, and acknowledge that I have been living a Pretty Lit lifestyle for many years with my girl - Mary Jane. She gives me balance and I have never felt more beautifully focused.  It has always allowed me to be the real, true, and best version of myself.

Those who know me; know that Mary Jane would frequently kick start many of my nights and even make appearances at several of my social adventures out with close friends and family members. Even as I got older and married, I would still prefer Weed to the Wine to relax. But it wasn’t the "norm" in many of my new social circles. When I became a mom, I was never comfortable to even mention that I had been using medical Marijuana for chronic pain, sleep, and anxiety.  Most moms would choose a bubble bath with a glass of wine to unwind at the end of their busy day - I would prefer to go to the backyard, hang with Mary Jane, and have a little toke session!

 So you're likely wondering why I am starting this new venture. Well, aside from my love for cannabis, I've always hated the judgmental smirks from the corner store attendants when going to purchase rolling papers or the uncomfortable/embarrassed feeling when entering a head shop. There has even been times when I have been asked if I was lost while walking up to the counter in these grungy places.  To me, those storefronts always seemed to me too geared more towards  the “A" typical stoner!  But it is a whole new world out there and it's time to break preconceived notions and form newer and better ways to hang out more with Mary Jane. 

My interests have always been centered around pretty and modern things - from fashion, art, music, and uniquely beautiful decor. So why not have those same aspects in my cannabis lifestyle?!

What exactly is Pretty Lit?  Pretty Lit is a modern lifestyle e-boutique carrying an array of handcrafted and luxurious cannabis accessories and products information tailored for women.  We want to help other Pretty Lit women find accessories that suit their real, beautiful, and modern lifestyles.

We invite you to get Pretty Lit with us in a brighter, happier, greener way of life.

High Regards,

Eleni Papadopoulos


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